There are so many questions about future of SEO? What will happen when Google changes all its policies? So many bloggers are writing that SEO has no future and it is useless to do SEO in future as search engines are changing there policies. Lot of people saying Bing don’t consider SEO techniques. I would say mostly people are just guessing and trying to make there blogs famous by creating wrong guesses. If you can see Bing does offer webmaster tools which are useful, and you can notice those websites are on No.1 position which are doing SEO the right way. Now coming to Google, people are saying Google has changes there policies.

Google always look for unique and quality content, if you do SEO the right way you will get the credit from Google. And as far as future of SEO is concerned in Google; they are providing 20 pages pdf guide for SEO. If there is no importance why would they offer SEO guide? I was reading on very famous blog that SEO has no future and in the end writer said I am not SEO expert I am just telling my views, How would you believe on that? There are so many people who are just creating rumors to get famous. I have seen a video from Matt Cutts (Google Employee) in which he has answered what is the future of SEO in 5 years? If you consider Google, Bing and Yahoo they look for quality content. If your website or blog has quality content you will get the benefit from search engines.

I would suggest avoid the rumors from the people just keep doing the White hat methods which are defined by Google and followed by famous SEO providers. When there will be new update Google, Bing and Yahoo will announce and we will all know through different channels. There will be something relating to brand that Google will focus, keep your self updated with Google blog and avoid the self promotion news from different people.