The need for search engine marketing is the most important thing for your website or blog, but it has to be done accurately to get the desired results. Have you ever imagined getting on the first page of main search engines? If you have an established business from years and you are loosing the sales against your competitor, it might be due to the way your competitor is doing the SEO and targeting the niche for different products.

The best idea for your business is the use of good keywords and using the fresh and keyword rich content on website. Optimizing does not mean only the link building, if you focus on only few things you can achieve the first page rankings without generating too much back links. The main key to SEM is simplicity with good thinking, if you properly use your keyword for your each page would help you rank good in SERP. Don’t ignore the other pages of your website if you make separate title tags, descriptions; it will help you more in getting the desired results.

Everyone says that lots of quality back links will help you in good rankings; I would suggest good content without any back links can help you rank No.1 in Google or any other search engines. I have created several blogs on different niches, which have good competition, but they are ranking good just because of unique and fresh content.

When people say content is king I would not disagree with this statement, you can make a good content in a few hours by doing research on internet. You don’t need to hire the expensive writers to do the job for you. If you do research for your niche only for one hour, it will help you find the good information that will be enough to write the content of nearly 500 words.

Search Engine Optimization Mania

Every day so many people are getting into this field and I always see most of the people say they are expert in ranking by doing it only for few months. The basic essence of SEO is simplicity and quality, back links can be acquired at any stage for your website, but the fresh content is hard to create time to time. Now the mania is increasing day by day you need to stay ahead of the competition. When I say you don’t need to take some extra steps, if you stick to the simple steps and keep doing and generating the good content you will get the desired results within few months without any aggressive optimization. If you need an SEO on already established website, I would suggest to do the analysis of each page rather than hiring an IT guy for link building.

Some of the people might not agree with my views, but it is my personal experience from years. What I see that most of the SEM companies are just selling the attractive packages to get the customers. It does not mean that you ignore SEO, but just need to focus on small fish rather than catching a Crocodile.